Good to Meet You

Lavish Boudoir® was established in Valdosta in 2010 by me, Leslie Cersovski. After two years of looking far and wide for the perfect makeup artist, an e-mail showed up in my inbox. Adeana had just moved to Valdosta and was eager to hook up with a boudoir photographer. I put on my business-owner pants and pretended I knew how to conduct an interview.

She got the job. Originally she was just the makeup artist (and damn good at it), but she always stuck around to be my accomplice whether it meant holding a light or getting us noticed at bridal fairs. In 2014, I asked if she knew how to use a camera... 

She didn't. But that suited me just fine. We worked for a year together finessing her posing, lighting, retouching and customer care. In 2015, amid tears and hugs... I moved to Albuquerque and left my studio in her more than capable hands.

Adeana is not only insanely talented, but also amazing at helping clients feel relaxed and natural during their photoshoots. Oh and she's been known to make them cry joys of tear when they see their photos.

You're in good hands with Adeana, I promise.

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